Herd Related Confusion
Picking the cool words from the boring word herd.

Objective: Write using more powerful language choices.


Writers pepper their work with cool words. (The grown up word might be evocative words that bring up deeper feelings and are more powerful than the average).

This isn’t about “big” words. (And you can’t overdo it).

Remember: We’ve been looking closely at word choice with magnet poems, blackouts poems and more.

Today’s Tasks:

1. Sneaker Word Power (JF): Post a list of the ten most evocative words you can find in the names of sneakers. You might try this Sneakerhead link (if it’s not blocked).

2. Claim That Character (JF): Choose one of the last seven character claims from our list and write a strong response that includes examples, tight writing — and at least six words from ANY student’s “Sneaker Word Power” list. <At Least 700 characters>

3. Carve a Poem (JF): Cut boring words away the everyday words and add line breaks to create a free verse poem from your “Claim That Character” response.

4. Life’s Big Question (J Q&A): Ask an essential question inspired by one of today’s Claim That Character assignments. (Mention who wrote it!) (Hint: Remember that an essential question is one of the big “WHY?” questions about life itself!)

5. Respond respectfully to at least two of “Life’s Big Questions“! <175 characters each>

How good is your poem? Check it yourself with our school checklist!