Objective: Polish, publish and provide feedback on original poetry.

Big Idea: Over the last few days, many of you have written ten or more poems. In today’s class, you will choose the coolest, polish them up, and share them with your classmates.

Best Poem (JF): A Two Part Post

  1. Choose your best work from the last few classes. (The piece should be deep and cool!)
  2. Re-read and polish your favorite piece (cooler word choices, cooler images, better flow, spelling, etc.).
  3. Post your poem — with the title in quote graphic form in Best Poem (JF).

Great Work (JF): A Two Part Post

  1. Choose a great poem from “Best Poem (JF)” (not your own).
  2. Identify the poem by title and author.
  3. Explain why you chose the poem using specific lines from the text in at least 750 characters.
    • You could talk about how it sounds, connect to what it’s about, talk about a cool image in the poem, cool words used, etc..
  4. Create a “pull quote” quote graphic from the most interesting line in the poem!