Objective: Write to think about your thoughts and feelings from different angles.

This will be a change of pace. We’re digging into who you are and what matters to you! There are two assignments: Lost Letter and Faces.


Lost Letter (JF): We read about cave paintings from mysterious people, thousands of years ago. Write an essay that talks about you (who you are, what matters to you, your hopes, your worries, etc.) while pretending that this letter would found by people thousands of years from now.

Faces (JF): Choose either “Faces in Strange Places” or “Important Faces”:

Found Face Questions
Faces in Strange Places: What questions would it ask? What would seem strange about our world? (Think Essential Questions!)
  1. Faces in Strange Places: Two part post! Take a picture of an inanimate object that seems to have a face (fire hydrant, sculpture, etc).  Imagine the object comes to life! Imagine you had to explain the world to that object/creature! Write a dialogue where you sit down and explain the human world to the face.
  2. Important Faces: Two part post! Take a picture of a real adult in your life. Interview them about how their childhood was different from yours. Report what they said and how you feel about it.