Objective: Learn the tricks that can take an essay from okay to amazing!

Here’s an extended response question. (This one asks for a comparison and contrast essay). In today’s class, we’ll be thinking about this question! (It’s from Ready’s teacher toolbox, btw).

Remember this Extended Response question? Today we’ll be working with it!


Extended_FocusWhat’s Your Thesis? (JF): Write a clear, one line thesis statement for your answer! (One line that says what you will show or prove!) (Below, you can find a few model statements).

  • Although brushes and combs are similar, there are three important differences.
  • Although there are many differences between SUVs and sports cars, they are the same in important ways.
  • Without elephants, the whole African ecosystem would collapse.



Hook Us! (JF): Write a sentence (or two) that would create a “compelling” first line for the extended response you almost wrote! (Check the graphic above or this link for the basics). (100+)



Three Part Conclusion (JF): Paraphrase the three part conclusion so that you remember it. Write a three part conclusion for the essay you nearly wrote!


Academic style “Do’s and Don’ts”? (JF): Explain the Do’s and Don’ts of academic writing. eg. “Do write objectively. Don’t use ‘I’ all the time.” <500+>

For an anchor chart that reviews the whole essay from end to end, check out the amazing Essaysaurus!