1. Multiple Choice Strategy Choice (JF): Choose the single most important tip and justify your choice with two specific reasons.
  2. Sample Test 1-16: Take the first 16 questions of a multiple choice sample exam, using your skills! READ TEXTS TWICE for TESTING!
  3. Weird Test Words (JF): Go through your Sample Test and look for testing vocabulary (from the questions not the texts) that could be very confusing for many students.
  4. Character Claim (JF): Complete one Character Report of 250 words using big reasons why and specific supporting evidence for each big reason. (Use one claim from the list below):
  • When I’m feeling down, I help myself feel better by remembering the good things in my life.
  • I treat people with respect.
  • People know they matter to me, because I really listen to them.
  • I make a difference by giving people my help.
  • When things are difficult, I work harder.
  • I work out my problems without hurting myself or others.
  • I encourage my friends to do their best.
  • I am honest; I will not cheat or steal.
  • Even when I’m frustrated, I use self-control.
  • I’m a responsible person. I do what I say I will do.
  • I am grateful for what I have, so I share with others.

5. Developments (JF): How did you develop your argument? (Use specific evidence from the text).

On the ELA exam, the word develop usually means “show us“. How did you develop the argument? = How did you show us the argument.