Objective: Interpreting poetry with powerful questions…

The Long Black Veil” is a narrative poem (which means it tells a story). Many people would call this type of narrative poem a ballad. (If you search for Johnny Cash and Long Black Veil, you’ll find the complete lyrics quickly).

  1. Long Black Veil (JF):  Who is the speaker (persona) in the poem? How would you describe this persona? <750+>
  2. Guilt Trip! (JF): Why is the woman in the long black veil so very, very guilty! Be specific and back inferences up with evidence.  <750+>

The point of view character / first person narrator / poet’s persona is not necessarily the same person as the writer. (I could write a poem from the point of view of an angry green leprechaun: the leprechaun is the point of view character, narrator, etc..)