Sumuraino Flare

Objective #1: Take poetry apart with sharp questions!

Find the lyrics of “All of Me” by John Legend: All of Me

  1. Who’s Speaking? (JF): What can you tell about the speaker in these lyrics? (What can you infer about who they are, what they want, their situation, their attitude, and their relationship to the person they are talking to?) <600+>
  2. Why Dizzy and Drowning? (JF): What is the speaker trying to get across when he compares his feelings to being dizziness and to drowning? <600+>


How tough are the texts on an ELA exam? Check this table to see how easy and how hard they can be!

Objective #2: Use reading assessment data to prepare your reading plan for the next 4 weeks.

  1. Me and the DRP (JM): Exactly what is your DRP level and how does it compare to the 6th-8th grade texts you might see on the exam?
  2. Me and the Lexile (JM): Exactly what is your Lexile level and how does it compare to the 6th-8th grade texts you might see on the exam?
  3. ELA Challenge (JM): How challenging do you think the texts on the exam will be for you (use specific evidence from both assessments and charts to support your claim)
  4. Newsela Reading Plan (JF): Write a reading plan that says where, when and how much you are going to read (in Newsela!) over the next month. Use the following starter (or do something more specific and meaningful on your own):

“To improve my reading, I will read X articles in the next month. This means I will need to read X articles per day. I will need to have internet access and a place where I can concentrate. To do this, I will need to X.”

Check Newsela for Lexile level!

Check DRP scores on Jupiter (on the assignments below):

  • 3rd Quarter: “January DRP”
  • 2nd Quarter: “2015 September DRP Level”