Objective #1: Demonstrate your understanding of basic text structures.

  1. Closely examine each of the text structures linked on our Notice Structure page and discuss them with an elbow partner (person next to you).
  2. Complete today’s short test on text structures in Juno!

Objective #2: Use simple questions to unlock the meaning of lyric poems.

  1. Join your class to watch 60 seconds of this video about lyric poems.
  2. Who May I Say Is Calling (JF): Who is speaking in Hello?  What can you infer about the speaker, her feelings and the situation based on the lyrics alone. (Support your claims with evidence). <750+>
  3. To Whom Am I Speaking (JF): Who is she speaking to? What can you infer about the person the speaker is talking to, their situation, their feelings, etc. based only on the lyrics. (Support your claims with evidence).  <750+>