Objective: Exploring text structures in the real world!

You will be reading articles in Newsela and digging into their structures today.

For each assignment below, read a new Newsela article (and take the quiz!)

  1. Altogether (JF): Search the article you have chosen for an example of two different text types. Check our text structures page before going on.  (You may find a paragraph that is in sequence form, you may find that a paragraph is in problem and solution form, you may find that a paragraph is a description of something). <750+>
  2. Beginnings and Endings (JF): Prove that your article was written as an essay or prove that it was written as an inverted pyramid. (Look hard at the beginning and ending and review Three Part Essay and Inverted Pyramid on our Text Structures Page!)
  3. Creative (JF): Two Part Post Create a word cloud from an article you have chosen. Style the cloud to match the topic of the article (or the tone). Summarize the article, making sure to include five words from the word cloud! <Mark each borrowed word with a * so we can see it!>  <500+>
  4. Dig deep into Newsela.  Learn facts to amaze! Battle tough questions and win! Some of your class have mastered over 80 articles this year.