Lucky Mr. Keck was hit by a falling tree in yesterday’s windstorm. He spent several hours in the Emergency Room, but is pretty much okay.

If you have completed and submitted your portfolio (make sure, please), today is a Newsela and responding day.

  1. Windfall (JF): Two part post: Read two cool stories from Newsela and take the quiz. Choose one and create a “pull quote” quote graphic and write an I See… I Think… I Wonder response <750 characters+>.
  2.  Flashing Before Your Eyes (JF): If a random accident killed you right now, what would you wish you could do! (What would you regret? Who would you talk to? What would you say?) <750 characters +>

Your list of cool quote graphic tools can be found by clicking on the three lines (menu) button in the upper right of 121ela and scrolling down…