February TurkeyThanksgiving in February (JF):  Think back over the past week and describe three things for which you are grateful!  (Hint: Research says that gratitude makes us happier. Think of the big things and the small: notice the cool things all around, remember the big stuff. (For extra punch, include a “quote graphic” title card for your entry!) <500 characters +>

See / Think / Wonder Thanksgiving (J Q&A):  Two Parts
  • Respond to something you notice in the “Thanksgiving in February” forum using the “I See… I think… I wonder” thinking strategy.   <500 characters +>
  • Reply thoughtfully to one of your classmate’s wonderings! <300 characters+>

Gratitude in the News (JF): Search for an article in Newsela using either the words, “thankful,” “grateful,” or “gratitude”. Read, quiz, and give us a thoughtful I See… I think… I wonder/ response.