1. 100 Day Portfolio (J): Complete and submit your work on your portfolio by uploading your MS Word portfolio from File Locker to the 100 Day Portfolio assignment (J).
  • Check Your Rationales: Be sure that your rationale statements explain why your example is a great example of the assignment.
    • Give us the reasons why your choice is a great example of this specific assignment.
    • Include specific details from your example to support your claim.

eg. This is an excellent example of an “I used to Think… But Now I Think…” response because it clearly explains how reading new facts really changed my thinking. The article I read was called “Giant Ants Are Your Friends.” In my first sentence I explained how my thinking changed, saying, “I used to think that giant ants were dangerous, but now I think that they may be our friends.” I explained this with the facts from the article that changed my mind.  I talked about how giant ants make excellent preschool teachers and how giant ants run our amazing country from their secret mountain base in Montana. (To hear it read aloud by George Washington, click here!)

2. Ground Presidents Hog Week News: Read seven Newsela articles of your choice, showing your understanding by completing each of the seven quizzes.