Objective: Prepare clear, polished responses using electronic tools.

Who Are You (Google Form): Complete our online google form “Who Am I” with carefully written, carefully proofread responses. (This will be the opening page of your portfolio).


Objective: Summarize narrative using an understanding of character driven fiction.

23 Degrees SWBS (JF): Summarize the story of “23 Degrees 5 minutes“, using somebody wanted, but so… format. Best responses should be over 500 characters in length and include the key terms “character, motivation, obstacle, resolution”.

Objective: Prepare impressive graphics to support written themes.

Quote Graphic Scout (JF): Check the “quote graphic” options below and write a brief report about which ones work best!

Essential Questions Graphically (J Q&A): Two parts, one post. Create two quote graphics using different apps. Each quote graphic should be an essential question based on today’s 23 Degree 5 minutes. Reply more than once (300+ characters).