Objective: Use nonfiction reading to start powerful online discussions about important issues.

Part 1: Jeremy Lin on Racism

Read Jeremy Lin’s Opinion piece (assigned in your Newsela binder) at the highest level where you you can read and understand — and take the quiz.

  1. Lin Takeaway (JF): What is the most important idea that you will take away from this article. Justify your choice in What Makes You Think That style. (700 characters)
  2. Linsane Essentials (JF): Post an essential question about life in quote graphic form inspired by Jeremy Lin’s article! (Remember, an essential question is not about one article and should make people think deeply). (One question, two answers <300 each>)
  3. Lin Pull Quote (JF): (Two Part Post) Create a quote graphic, pulling the most important of Lin’s original words. Your quote needs to be powerful and relevant to Lin’s topic. Briefly justify your choice in What Makes You Think That style  (300 characters).


Part 2: Two or More Articles of Your Choosing

Read at least two articles that interest you — at the highest level where you can read and understand — and take the quizzes. Pass those quizzes!



4. Newsela See/Think/Wonder (JF): Choose one of the articles you read today and write an I see… I think… I wonder response. Check the link to see how its done. <450+>