Snow Man

  • Friday Q & A:  Complete Friday’s slightly confusing assignment:*One post, two parts: Cover of a Favorite Book & Explanation (Post the cover of a favorite book and explain what made the book so good. <500+ cg>)

    *Comment on three book posts: Find three or more books that sound cool to you… in your comment explain why you might like the book yourself! (300+ ch)

  • Library Quest (JF): How far are you from the closest library and how would you get there? (Include a StreetView image, and details like the bus #, train #, basic route, etc..) Use Google Maps to get the details right: 1000 St. Nicholas, 535 West 179th Street, or 4790 Broadway. (200 characters +)


  • Jonah and the Wail (JF): One post, two parts. Give us 700 characters (or much, much more of memoir inspired by Winter Storm Jonah!) and an original drawing of a snowman!