Objective: Think like an author to understand the construction of the beginning of a popular novel.

We’ll begin by reading the beginning of the deep and deeply creepy Cuckoo’s Child by Frances Hardinge…

We’ll follow up by thinking about explanations, suspense and connections…

  1. Mystery of the Cuckoo’s Song (JF): Identify the many mysteries that Frances Hardinge creates in the first 6 pages of Cuckoo Song. Be specific and refer to the text. (750+ characters)
  2. 1st Person Purposes (JF): How does a first person narrator bring a reader closer to a character? (500+ characters)
  3. Craft of the Cuckoo (JF): How does Hardinge create a strong, suspenseful opening in the Cuckoo Song?  (750+ characters)
  4. Cuckoo Connections (JF): Describe a text to text, text to self, or text to world connection with the opening of Cuckoo Song. (500+ characters)
  5. Clocking the Cuckoo (JF): Cuckoos are known for laying their eggs in another bird’s nest. Cuckoo chicks hatches first, grow faster and kick out the parents’ real babies!  Share a prediction about what will happen in the book based on what you know about the cuckoo. (500+ Characters)