Reading Gets Tough

In this class, we have assessed our reading in two main ways. First, we’ve done the big DRP test. Second, we’ve completed dozens of Newsela quizzes.

Objective: Apply reading strategies to improve comprehension of tough texts…

  • Reading Tough Texts (JF): Describe your experience of reading tough texts for school. What struggles do you face? What strategies do you use? What advice do you have for others?  (500 Characters)

  •  Watch today’s video!

  • Chart the Strategies (Turn in Online on Jupiter): Use the video we saw to chart our reading strategies in “Re-Read” and “Re-Engage” columns. Start with this word file: Charting Reading Strategies. (A look at the Prezi may help you: Reading Strategies Prezi )

  •  Reading Strategies Survey (Jupiter Survey): Rank and rate our strategies. Most useful? Least useful?

  •  Number One Strategy (JF): Tell us the most important strategy and justify your choice in a  What Makes You Think That? paragraph.

  • Today’s Newsela Article: Read today’s article about tanning booths, remember the strategies and complete the quiz.

Helpful link: What Do You Do When You Feel Yourself Slipping?