Old Year Passes

Year in Review (JF): Think back over the past year and make a note of three things that went really well for you. Describe each event and explain why it went so well. (750 characters or more, please!)

Winter Reading Goal (JF): Read the Newsela article assigned today and complete the quiz. When you are finished, check your statistics and post a practical Newsela reading goal for March.

eg. By reading twenty-seven Newsela stories on my own every day, I will have an average of 75% on quizzes at the 7th grade level.

CNN Lasting Importance (JF): Which of the stories in today’s CNN Student News do you believe will be the most important in the long run. (Make your claim and justify your choice with specific reasons in 500 characters or more).

CNN Essentials (J Q&A): Ask your class an essential question inspired by the issues in today’s CNN student newsa! (Pose one question, answer two questions! Minimum answer size 300 characters!)