1. Find and read the first two chapters of Sharon M Draper’s novel Out of My Mind (Try or a search of the Barnes and Noble or Amazon website).
  2. Out of My Motivation (JF): What does the main character want most in life (and how do you know)?
  3. Character Sketch (JF): What can you know or infer about the main character of Out of My Mind based on the first two chapters. (What do you know? How do you know it?)
  4. Mind Matters (JF): Write about a time when you did not or could not say what you wish you could. (500 characters) or Describe something about you which would surprise some people. (500 characters)
  5. The Essential Mind (J Q&A): Ask your class an essential question about the big issues in life based on Out of My Mind. Respond thoughtfully to two or more.