Thinking with Wonder

Objective 1: Fixing the comma splice by creating simple, compound or complex sentences.

  1. View Fixing the Comma Splice
  2. Review with this Fixing the Comma Splice Prezi.
  3. Today’s Mechanics Takeaway (JF): For today’s mechanics topic, complete one three part post:

*What is today’s topic?
*What’s most important for you to know, do, or remember?
*Fix the following comma splices using simple, compound and complex sentences:

I like traffic lights, they’re green.

Everyone should enjoy banjo music, it’s just so darned happy. 

My family bakes together nearly every night, we then get to enjoy everything we make together.

Objective 2: Using character, motivation and obstacles to uncover themes.

  1. Open the BN preview of Wonder by R. J. Palacio. (You might need to start at the book’s main page and click the “Read Sample” link).
  2. Wonder (JF): Read & Summarize the first chapter “Ordinary” using Somebody, Wanted, But…Include a detailed description of everything we know or can infer about August. (500+ characters).
  3. Wonder (JF): Answer your choice of the two questions bulleted below (500+ characters):

What details does the author include in the chapter called “Ordinary” to make August relatable and sympathetic?


Why does the author start with the chapter called “Ordinary“?

4. Wonder (JF): Based on “Why I didn’t Go to School” what big issues in life do you think the story will talk about? <Give us your rationale>

A few examples of themes/issues?

A review of theme:

A quick video about theme (if you’re at home).

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