Baby Wonders

Objective One: Connect simple sentences to create complex sentences.

  1. View the Blending Sentences VideoM with your class.
  2. Review with this Blended Sentences Prezi
  3. Today’s Mechanics Takeaway (JF): For today’s mechanics topic, completeone three part post:

*What is today’s topic?
*What’s most important for you to know, do, or remember?
*Provide a clear example!

Objective Two: Ask and answer deep questions about the most important issues of the day.

  1. Join the class to view today’s CNN Student News (where some very big issues show up).
  2. Deep Questions (J Q&A): When we pause, ask your class an essential question and then answer an essential question.

Essential question tip: Essential questions are about the big issues in our lives and they don’t have simple answers.