Objective One: Connect simple sentences to create compound sentences.

  1. View the Compound Sentence Video with your class.
  2. Review with this Compound Sentence Prezi.
  3. Today’s Mechanics Takeaway (JF): For today’s mechanics topic, complete a three part post:

*What is today’s topic?
*What’s most important for you to know, do, or remember?
*Provide a clear example!

Objective Two: Write a character-driven summary using Somebody, Wanted, But, So.

Stolen Summary (JF)

  1. Read today’s story excerpt: Stolen Excerpt
  2. Identify the main character.
  3. Explain why a reader might sympathize with the character (are they likable, admirable, would readers relate to them — and what makes you think that?)
  4. Summarize the scene using Somebody, Wanted, But… (and So if everything is resolved in scene).

These may be handy to you: