Terror Casts Shadows

Objective: Join in a thoughtful discussion of the biggest issues of our time.

  1. Thinking About Islam (JF): Answer the question posted in Jupiter.
  2. Thinking About Islam II (JF): Answer the second question posted in Jupiter.
  3. Thinking Again (JF): Find the correct answers to our first two questions and write a well-developed paragraph response to the question: How does knowing the real numbers change your thinking?
  4. Aftermath (Q&A): Post and respond to essential questions posted by your peers at each stopping place in today’s video.

….To This Point Completed on Wednesday’s Class…

  1. Newsela: Read today’s Newsela article and take the quiz.
  2. Why not Kenya? (Q&A): Post a well-developed response to the question “Why no Kenya?” based on today’s Newsela article.