Peer Revision

  1. Check Five: Read and comment upon five “Revised Memoir” drafts from our class. (Find five anonymous drafts in your File Locker). Make three substantial comments of two types!
    • Spot a problem? Ask a question: eg. Could you clarify this? I don’t quite understand where this is happening when you say…. Could you expand this scene by adding play-by-play description instead of just summarizing…?
    • See something amazing? Say what you saw and explain why you thought it was great: eg. I really liked the last line of this story. When you wrote X, it made me think of the time when something like this happened to me.
    • Peer Revision File LockerPeer Revision 2 Select Text and PopPeer Revision 3 CommentPeer Revision 4 Comment
  2. Final Story (JD):  Read the comments on your Revised Memoir. Revise your draft and check spelling and punctuation one last time (PaperRater or MS Word can help here).
  3. Newsela: Tackle new stories assigned in Newela today! Move your reading score!