A famous story of psychological horror.

Poe is a Halloween favorite. He creates a lot of suspense (the feeling where you worry about what’s going to happen next). His horror stories are really creepy. He writes a great hook.  Throughout “The Tell Tale Heart”, he uses storytelling strategies to make the reader feel of tension, suspense, disgust and fear.

  1. Listen with our team to a sample of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart
  2. How, then, am I mad? (JF): How do we know that the narrator of “The Tell Tale Heart” is unreliable when he says that he is not mad? (Check our explainer about Unreliable Narrators and use specific evidence from “The Tell Tale Heart” to prove your point).
  3. The Eye (JF): Poe zooms in to describe the eye of the old man (in two places). Why do you think he chose to describe the eye so carefully? (Use evidence from the text).
  4. The Eighth Night (JF): When Poe tells the story of the eighth night, he slows the action way down and describes it in a play-by-play style. How does slowing down the action increase the suspense?

    With the class, be disturbed by An extremely freaky German version of the Tell Tale Heart.