Beginning and Ending

Objective: Pan revisions to your short story using strong criteria for success.

  1. Check In (JS): Complete today’s online survey before you dot another i.
  2. Memoir Draft (Juno Doc): Paste the My Story (EN) draft into a Juno Doc in our Memoir Draft homework assignment, immediately.
    How to Create a Juno Doc?
    * Go to the “File Locker” screen, or click any assignment on the Grades, Planner, or Calendar screens.
    * Click the “Upload / New” button and select “New Juno Doc”.
  3. Overall and Lead (JS): Rate your own writing on the Memoir Draft in our Overall and Lead forum.
  4. Best Hook (JF) Choose the story from our memoir project set with the best hook! Explain why or how it works!
  5. Treble Hook (JF) Rewrite your beginning three different ways with amazing hook leads. For advice, try our link: Narrative Hooks