Only the Strongest

Objective: Evaluate the specific strengths of a favorite story using an understanding of story development.

Getting Started:

If you haven’t decided which student memoir you liked best, complete the Jupiter survey called Which is your favorite story from the set? (The task? Choose your favorite from the stories on Memoir Project and justify your choice with reasons and examples).

  1. Major Strength (JF): Tell us what the major strength of your favorite story was. (Hint: Claim + reasons & examples).
    • Ideas? 
    • The story reminded me of something about my life. 
    • The story shared a really powerful experience.
    • The story made me thinking about something important or unusual about life.
    • The way the story was told really brought it to life.
    • The way the story started really grabbed me.
  1. Key Technique (JF): Tell us which of the four ways to dramatize a scene is the most important in your favorite story. (Hint: Claim + reasons + examples).

eg. Example Paragraph

  1. Quotable Quote (JF): Create a quote graphic using the most important line in your favorite story.  How?

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