What's Your Story

Objective: Choose an excellent idea for your story based on smart criteria.

  1. What’s Your Story (Jupiter Forum)
    • In a well organized paragraph, tell us what story you will tell and explain why you chose it. (eg. I will tell the story of the time I got an award in front of my whole school and what that’s taught me about life. The choice makes sense for a few reasons. First, I remember enough about the event to tell the story properly. More importantly, I think the story could be funny when I describe how surprised I was, and it can also tell people about how important small things can be in how your life turns out).
  2. Possible Takeaway (Jupiter Forum)
    • What do you think people will remember about your story after they have finished reading it (and why)?
  3. Memorable Moment (Jupiter Forum)
    • What is the most important moment in the story and why do you think it’s so important?