Ask the Audience

Objective: Select a powerful topic for a narrative using an online forum to get advice from your class team.

This is a “critique” style forum. You post, others respond. Today, you will post some of your best narrative paragraphs and your classmates will respond to them.

Your Task

  1. Post three of your very most interesting narrative paragraphs from the past week (that’s three posts!).
  2. Comment on the best stories written by the rest of the class.
    • Choose stories that you think have the most potential.
    • Justify your choice (give specific reasons).
      • Is it emotionally powerful?
      • Could it show people something important?
      • Does it show something unique about their life?
      • Is it just plain amazing?


Post three narrative paragraphs. Write seven comments (of no less than 250 characters each). Justify your choice. Be respectful at all times.