Big Question: How do writers bring scenes to life for their readers?

Capture Dialogue (EN)

  • Use dialogue to capture a recent argument that you had. (Best work reveals a little about the people…)
  • If you’re on an unfiltered internet connection, review the basics with Read Ink: Punctuating Dialogue

Bring Action to Life (EN)

  • Describe an accident that happened to you!

Punctuation Rules! (EN)

  • Read the punctuation rules you find at Punctuating Dialogue
  • Copy the text of the “Writing Dialogue Worksheet” starting with “I love…” (on page 2) and paste it into Punctuation Rules! (EN)
  • Revise the “I love…” text by placing the punctuation in the correct places!

Add Thought Shots (EN)

  • Make us feel what the character feels by adding thought shots to your dialogue or play-by-play piece. (Best work is quick but makes the reader feel your frustration, fear, surprise, etc.).

Zoom In (EN)

  • Choose an object that matters to you, and give it a detailed, multisensory description.

To review today’s presentation, follow the link: Developing Narrative Moments