Objective: Generate Great Ideas for Personal Writing Using Prompts

Hippo Memoir

Objective: Gather great story ideas by writing and sharing prompted writing.

Three Stories (EN & Jupiter Discussion)

Post three strong narrative paragraphs based on the prompts below. Hint: A strong narrative paragraph briefly tells a story and may use dialog, thoughts, and description. Also? It should be something most readers can understand! (2500 characters in total!)

  • Remember a time when you got sick at a very inconvenient time?
  • Remember a birthday or a holiday you would like (or not like) to live over again?
  • Remember a time when you got lost or separated from your family or friends?
  • Remember a time when you got locked out of where you needed to be?
  • Remember a time when your first impression of someone turned out to be completely wrong?
  • Remember a time when you learned something from a child?
  • Remember a problem with a haircut?make-up?…an article of clothing?
  • Remember a time when you almost won, but not quite?
  • Remember a time when you were tricked or lied to?
  • Remember your most embarrassing moment?

Post these on Jupiter, but also paste a copy of Three Stories in your Evernote Notebook for the future!