Objective: Introduce a topic clearly, previewing what is to follow; organize ideas, concepts, and information, and develop the topic with relevant facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations, or other information and examples.

First Note : Terrific Times 930 (EN)

Terrific Times Think about one of the most wonderful experiences in your life. Perhaps a moment when you felt suddenly contented, were in love, listened to an amazing piece of music, saw an incredible performance, or had a great time with friends. Choose just one experience and imagine yourself back in that moment in time. Remember how you felt and what was going on around you. Now spend a few moments writing a description of that experience and how you felt.

Second Note: Future Fantastic 930

Spend a few moments writing about your life in the future. Imagine that everything has gone really well. Be realistic, but imagine that you have worked hard and achieved all of your aims and ambitions. Imagine that you have become the person that you really want to be, and that your personal and professional life feels like a dream come true. All of this may not help you achieve your goals, but it will help you feel good and put a smile on your face.

Both today’s writing prompts come from Richard Wiseman’s book 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot (p. 24). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group.