Connect to Evernote

Objective: Create and Share Your Own Evernote Account Using Your Own Computing Skills and the Help of Your Classmates

Background: What is Evernote???

Evernote is an online note taking tool with over 100 million users.

You can use it online or with apps on the iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone, PC and Mac (and they can all connect with each other).

Today’s Mission:

  1. Find the Evernote website and create an account. (You will need a working email address).
  2. Create two “notebooks” in your Evernote account.
    • One will be a reader’s response journal. Call it  namejournal (eg. Dave’s Journal)
    • The other will be a writer’s notebook.   Call it name + notebook (eg. Dave’s Notebook)
  3. Share both notebooks with Mr. Keck using an email address that he will provide to you in class!

Be a problem solver! Your teacher loves to give you achievable challenges. These are your chance to figure things out for yourself (and to use your team)!

who are youObjective 2: Write an organized and detailed essay answering the question “Who Are You?” in your Evernote writers’ notebook.

Today’s Second Mission: Who Am I? Essay

  1. Plan an essay answering the question “Who are you?” 
    • Sometimes people write sections about their interests, their hobbies, the goals, their fears, their skills, their beliefs, their families, their pets, their favorite things, etc..
  2. Write in your Evernote notebook (the one you shared with your teacher!) call it “Who Am I?”
  3. Remember the basics!
    • An essay should be written in paragraphs with a clear, grabby introduction and a thoughtful conclusion.
    • All writing should be proofread. When you write on a computer, spell check!